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Week 2

Today was a very rainy day at Mud Busters but it did not stop us having fun!

First we played 1, 2, 3 where are you? and then we went back to the cabin to listen to a story.

It was all about spells and this week at Mud Busters we made our own potions and spells. Can you tell your grown-ups what your spell was?

After that we went to the Mud Buster area and had to put the orange ropes out to see if we could remember where they go. The children did a great job. We checked the pond and noticed that the tadpoles are getting bigger, we are going to check each week to see what happens.

After that we put the ropes away and went hand had great fun splashing in the puddles.

Well done Mud Busters the rain didn't stop you having great fun learning about the outdoors. :)

See you next week.