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Pondicherry Update June 2012

We were very pleased to welcome Andrew Childs back for an assembly. Andrew is back from India and he showed us photographs of Gowri and life in the orphanage and in India.

Andrew told us that the Westfield Bear he had taken back last year lives in the school library and the children take it in turns to hold the bear whilst they are reading a story!

We also saw photographs of the girls receiving the Christmas presents they had from our fund raising efforts last Christmas. Andrew explained that he does not like shopping but he went with one of the Sisters to help choose all the new dresses! The girls had given their sizes and favourite colours so Sister could choose a new dress for them. It took three hours and the man in the shop felt so sorry for Andrew that he gave him a cup of tea!

Andrew also told us about the awful storms that they had experienced early this year and he showed us photographs of the damage that had been caused.

For her birthday in April we had sent Gowri a present. Andrew said that she had loved the card we had sent with her own name printed on it and was very pleased with the present. However she was even more amazed when the money for the camera arrived and Andrew had set her up with her own camera and Gowri is now taking photographs over her long school holiday that we will be able to see.