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Year 2 Outdoor Adventures with Parent/Carers

Today many of the Year 2 children with a parent/carer attended Burbage Common to take part in a fun day of activities organised by Steve Burrows. Meeting in the forest first, groups were tasked with building a woodland den that would serve as a base for the rest of the day. After a number of warm up games which included problem solving challenges, freshly made popcorn and a welcomed coffee fix for the adults, teams were sent off to complete a number of activities for the remainder of the day. Activities included orienteering, where map-reading skills were tested, and forest-based circus skills where everyone was encouraged to work on their balance and perseverance for the more challenging of tasks. More opportunities for team-building and bush-craft activities kept all engaged!

Lunch was enjoyed in the shade of the trees and energy levels were topped up the the remaining activities. The day ended with some adult-child fast-paced challenges set by Steve.

The weather was perfect and all in attendance had a fantastic time. Well done children for your excellent behaviour around Burbage Common, adults did well too! A huge thank you to Steve Burrows and Diane Ratcliffe for organising the day and making it a memorable experience for all those able to attend.

Children, don't forget to mention your favourite part on our Guestbook. We'd love to see which activities were the most popular!