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Year 2 Leavers Assembly

This morning we were joined by parents and carers of Year 2. This was the final assembly at Westfield Infant School for the Year 2 pupils and they made a special entrance and sat on the stage.

We heard memories of their time at Westfield Infant School and they sang their favourite song; When I was One (The Pirate Song).

It was then time to give out the awards;


100% Attendance for Year 2 pupils

School Council Awards

Eco-Warrior Awards

Junior Librarians

Mrs MacLauchlan then pointed out that all the Year 2 pupils had been helpful carrying out various  tasks around school. We gave them all a big clap!

The Year 2 pupils then sang 'We All Stand Together'. This is a favourite song every year for the Year 2 pupils and they sang it beautifully.  

Before the final song Mrs MacLauchlan share a special message with Year 2;

Of colour and race - you had no choice

In selecting your parents - you had no voice

But the road you take as you go along,

The choice you make between right and wrong,

The words you speak, the deeds you do,

Are decided by nobody else but you.

Mrs MacLauchlan reminded the Year 2 pupils that The Golden Rules are rules for life and encouraged them to follow them.

The assembly ended with Mrs MacLauchlan, Mrs Rafferty, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Woodley leading the children out to 'We're All Going On A Summer Holiday'.