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Year 1 Stop, Drop and Roll

Year 1 received some very important messages today from a fire fighter! He taught us that we should 'NEVER PLAY WITH MATCHES' and we learnt how dangerous fire can be. If we find matches or a lighter, can you remember what you should do?


We also learnt that if anything on our body does catch on fire we should immediately STOP, DROP, cover your face and ROLL. Everybody had a go at practising this so they know what to do in an emergency.


The fire fighter also taught the children about the importance of a smoke alarm at home. If it goes off they should GET DOWN as smoke rises and CRAWL to the nearest exit. They know they must also shout: FIRE, GET OUT to alert people around them. 


Children were also able to able the fire procedure at school and they know that if the fire alarm sounds at school they do not need to shout. They move to their nearest fire exit, answer the register and wait for a grown up to say that it is safe to go back in to school.