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We made it!

Hello from India. The journey was very smooth and Brumas enjoyed his inflight meals. Children look at a map of India, Pondicherry is on the coast. See if you can find out the name of the ocean we are looking out at. It also has the name 'Bay of ...'. The year one and year two children sang about it in the Christmas play.  What is it called? 
We have spent this Sunday afternoon with Sister Rose and the girls. Sister Rose shared a delicious lunch. Mrs Parkes and I tried papaya fruit for the first time. This had been growing in the courtyard. We were not too sure but at least we gave it a try. Do you know what a papaya looks like or tastes like?
We were then able to play some circle games with the girls and as you can see in the pictures we had a lot of fun and there was a lot of laughter. We also played some board games, this became quite competitive. 
We are meeting up with Sister Rose again this evening who is taking us to see the Mother Superior.
Be writing again soon.
Enjoy the theatre trip year 2
Mrs DakinV