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Visit from Recorder Group

What a lovely afternoon all the pupils had today.


We had a visit from a Recorder Group, lead by Julie, who played for us and also introduced us all to lots of different recorders.


The first recorder we saw was called a descant recorder and is the same as the recorders the Year 2 pupils play when they join recorder club.  They then showed us the smaller sopranino recorder and the TINY garklein recorder!  They were very high!


Then Julie showed us some bigger recorders, the tenor and treble and bass and told us that the longer the recorder the lower the note - then Julie showed us some very special instruments:


The great bass - this recorder is very big and very quiet - everyone had to listen very carefully.


The contra bass - this was a MASSIVE recorder and a very special treat!  There are not many contra bass recorders and even Mrs MacLauchlan had not seen one before.  When it was played it was very quiet and very low!


We finished with some volunteer recorder players from Year 2 playing our favourite song BB Blues, the recorder group were so impressed they joined in!


Thank you to the group for coming to play for us and for showing us all your instruments.  It was a great end to the academic year.