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Visit from Historian Dr Catherine Burke

We were delighted to welcome Dr Catherine Burke to Westfield Infant School today. Dr Burke has been researching for a project that is looking into the fact that 2017 is the 50th anniversary of The Plowden Report, Children and their Primary Schools. This document had a great deal of impact at the time.

As a result of her investigations Dr Burke found a document written by an American Educationalist; Joseph Featherstone who visited Westfield Infant School in 1967 and shared information about what was described at the time as a 'revolution in the English Education system'.

Contact from Dr Burke has sparked a lot of interest at school in looking at the Log Books written in the early days following the opening of the school and it soon became apparent that visitors from all over the world visited the school during the 1960's and 1970's.

Dr Burke had a tour of the school, taking a lot of photographs and she  had lunch with the School Council and 2 current members of staff who were pupils at the school.

She then spent time looking at the Log Books and photographs before meeting a group of ex members of staff, former pupils and Governors who enjoyed hearing about the research that is taking place. The group then looked at the Log Books and the photographs of Westfield Infant School from the early days up to the present.

Dr Burke is now going to work on a paper that will be discussed during an afternoon event in London in November. The amazing news is that Mr Featherstone will be travelling from America to attend the event and is looking forward to hearing from Dr Burke about her visit to Westfield Infant School.

It seems that Westfield Infant School was famous around the world during the 1960's and 1970's and that Brumas Bear is remembered by visitors who came to the school during those years. We made sure that Dr Burke took with her 2 of our much sought after Westfield Bears. One to keep herself to remember her visit and one to present to Mr Featherstone. If you are interested in the history of the school watch out for further information that will be shared when we receive it from Dr Burke.