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Sister Rose and Santhi visit Westfield Day 2

Following a visit to Connors Bakery in Hinckley, Sister Rose and Santhi returned to school just in time for another delicious lunch - today it was a traditional roast dinner! Year 2 pupils welcomed our visitors to their classrooms this afternoon. As part of the topic work covered in Geography, Year 1 and 2 have been thinking about their own roles and responsibilities within school. This afternoon Classes 8, 9 and 10 took it in turns to share a key role that they have within the school, successfully informing our visitors about Junior Librarians, the School Council and Eco-Warriors. Both Sister Rose and Santhi were interested in what the children shared. Children then had the opportunity to ask thoughtful questions about the uniform, equipment used, facilities and school dinners at St. Mathias. It was also a fantastic opportunity for learning some Tamil - the language spoken in the Tamil Nadu region, where Ponidicherry is. Pupils learnt how to say 'Mum', 'Hello' and 'Thank you'. Pupils recorded their new knowledge in their Topic Books.

Sister Rose and Santhi enjoyed their time in the EYFS as well, particularly as the children were busy learning about bees through Numeracy, Art, Literacy, ICT using the Bee-Bots and tasting honey on bread! Children are so inquisitive at this age and asked some interesting questions to find out more about school life in India.

Pupils from Class 4 and 7 treated Sister Rose and Santhi to an informative Class Assembly titled 'A day in the life of a pupil at Westfield Infant School' which 'did exactly what it said on the tin!'  A super Assembly packed with examples of our daily routine, rules and procedures which emphasised how the children are given opportunities throughout the day to be responsible for hanging up their coats and putting their book bags in their drawers. Our visitors enjoyed listening to the songs and watching the children use Makaton sign language.