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We have had one of our best days today. We spent the morning in the secondary school. We were able to go into all the classes. This even included a class where the girls were taking an exam! We really felt for them and they were trying so hard. We just gave them a lot of encouraging smiles and thumbs up before leaving very quickly. 
In all the classes they were revising for exams but were still so pleased to see us. Their welcome was so warm and relaxed. We thoroughly enjoyed being with them and you will see us all giggling away in the pictures. 
Next it was time to take some classes. This time for games. Yes, Mr Maksymiw! The children were so excited about all the dance equipment. It wasn't very long at all before they were putting on short performances. We followed this with the parachute and then French Skipping. It was definitely hot work and the mosquitoes were having a good feeding session but still it was a lot of fun. 
Just before lunch they very kindly dressed us in a sari. I know you were waiting for that children. I hope you agree from the pictures that we do look good even though I say that myself. Again this caused delight by all the children here too. 
We had a very worthwhile afternoon on Education City and the computers with both teachers and children at the Primary School. They absolutely love the activities and are now recognising the characters and especially like Sten. 
The evening started by a visit to our hotel from Sister Rose and Sister Rajanami and 6 other Sisters. We also met Shanti in the Secondary school so it was like a school reunion. We are really looking forward to skyping you tomorrow and hoping it will work.