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India Update - Education City

We were greeted excitedly at the Primary School this morning by the teachers. They had the laptops ready in anticipation for us to set up the network. All at Westfield need to be ready to hold their breath because YES Mrs Parkes and Mrs Dakin set up the connection and Internet. Yippee!!!
Sister Rose popped in to say unfortunately she needed to be somewhere else for the day. We spent the next couple of hours with the teachers and then small groups of children working on Education City. I'm not sure who was more excited the teachers or the children but it was very rewarding to see all their faces.
Next we were able to go around the classes. This meant we could actually talk to the children sharing their work with us rather than teaching. They were so proud to show us what they had done in their books.
After that the school had study time and reading time. We took some books outside and read to the children. It didn't take long at all before they were joining in especially with the animal noises.
Before we knew it our auto-ride came to take us to the Secondary School. Today lunch was with Sister Rebecca and Sister Rajani.
This afternoon we met up with Jane who is a friend of Andrew Childs. She supports many schools over a very wide area. We shared our experiences and had many questions to ask her about the work she does in schools. She really loved our pictures and videos and she was amazed at what we were able to bring with us to give to the schools. She is now planning on bringing a parachute over for her schools.
It must have been a very busy day in school with Year 2 singing at the Community Centre and Christmas Dinner AND the Christmas Market.
Take care all and remember the Golden Rules.
Mrs Dakin and Mrs Parkes