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Healthy School Week Assembly

Today we shared everything we've learnt in Healthy School Week in assembly.


The display board behind the stage looked very plain this morning when we started, but it soon started to fill up with all the wonderful things the classes have done and talked about this week.  Before we began we all got nice and warmed up by singing 'I've got a body'.


We started the assembly off with Class 4 who told us all about the vital organs.  Did you know that the brain sends more messages a day than all the telephones in the world?  Or that the heart beats 115,000 times a day?! 


Next Class 8 came and told us all about Heart Start.  They showed us what to do if we find someone unconscious and how we can help them.  Mrs MacLauchlan asked the parents if they knew what the school had to help and a parent knew that we have a defibrillator.  Can you spot it behind the reception desk?


After Class 8, Class 2 came and talked to us about Hygiene.  Chicco the monkey had visited them with a backpack full of things.  The children were able to show him how to keep himself clean by brushing his hair and teeth and  showing him how to wash himself and his clothes.


After a singing 'Playing, running, skipping, jumping' Class 7 came up to the front and told us all about all the exercises they do to keep themselves healthy and even demonstrated throwing and catching a ball.  Well done! 


Sticking to the exercise theme Class 3 showed us some of the yoga moves they learnt.  They remembered lots of the animal shapes; cat, dog, snake, stick insect, lion and they all said they felt much more relaxed after the yoga session.  Namaste Class 3.


Next Class 9 gave us some more information about the different food groups that are on the Eat Well plate.  Children explained what we need to do to eat a balanced and varied diet.


Catering staff were then called from the kitchen so that we could all say thank you for all their hard work this week.  Some children presented them with some flowers and some chocolates to share.  Thank you very much to everyone who makes all our healthy food every week.


After singing 'Stick on a Smile'  Class 10 came and told us about the importance of sleep when we are being healthy.  Everyone needs to have a good sleep routine as our brains need time to rest after a busy day.  They told us some great tips to help us get a good nights sleep, like making sure we don't use any electronics for an hour before. reading a book, listening to calm music and doing lots of exercise.


Class 1 then told us all about Smartie the Penguin and how important it is to stay safe online.  Remember, before you click, click, click, you need to think, think, think and tell someone.


Class 5 reminded us of the importance of keeping our teeth healthy.  They gave us lots of helpful advice about keeping our teeth strong such as making sure you don't drink too many fizzy drinks, visiting a dentist twice a year and brushing our teeth twice a day.


Finally Class 6 talked to us about handwashing.  Mr Maksymiw had covered his hands in paint to illustrate how easily germs are spread.  Class 6 told us how important it was to wash our hands after we had been outside, after we had been to the toilet, after touching animals and before eating.  They also showed us how to make sure we wash our hands properly.


Mrs MacLauchlan then started the draw for the hampers.  Well done to everyone who won.


We ended the assembly by singing one of our favourite songs, 'Too Many Toffees'.  Doesn't the display board look much more exciting now!