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Class 9 Assembly - Make a great start to your day!

What a super assembly by Class 9 today reminding each of us how to start the day in a healthy way! Pupils reminded us of the importance of a bedtime routine, which includes sticking to a sensible time like half past 7. They gave the audience three options of the best thing to do before bedtime and highlighted that watching television and playing on PlayStation would wake our brains up rather than prepare our bodies for rest. Class 9 recommended a bedtime story. Why don't you choose one tonight?


Breakfast choices were also discussed and we heard some very shocking news about the amount of sugar added to some of our favourite cereals. A good healthy breakfast definitely gives us the very best start to the day. A fantastic song called 'What did you have for breakfast?' gave us some super ideas for this. Can you remember any of them?


There were plenty of smiles around the hall when the Class 9 effortlessly performed a morning brain gym routine called 'I'm alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic!'


Well done Class 7 and 9!