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Class 8 Assembly - Dungeons and Dragons

Today Class 8 did their assembly all about the topic they have been learning at school this term, called Dungeons and Dragons.


They told us lots of information about castles, including the different types of castles (can you name any?) and the different parts of a castle.


Miss Ellis told us that Class 8 had a banquet!  They made their own bread and listened to some medieval music.  Some of Class 8 showed us a fabulous dance they had made.


Next we met the King and Queen.  They were very regal!  When you curtsied or bowed to the King and Queen you had to stay there until they told you that you could move!


We next met some jesters, who did some amazing juggling!  The King found it VERY funny.


We saw how the Queen spoke to the servants in the castle and then we saw how the knights prepared for battle.  The Captain of the Knights had to be very strict to make sure everyone knew what they were doing!


Class 8 finished their assembly by singing 'The King is in the Castle'.  Great singing Class 8!  What a great assembly.  Well done!