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Class 4 Assembly - Superheroes

Today Class 4 did a fantastic assembly all about superheroes.


They started off by showing us some superheroes that are from fiction and we met Batman, Spiderman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and lots more. Then they told us some onomatopoeia words like Pow and Crash!  Can you remember any more?


Mrs Parkes then told us all about a very special superhero they have read about called Super Tato.  Some pupils acted out the story.  I'm glad that Super Tato was there to rescue those poor vegetable from the Evil Pea! 


Next we met some real life Superheroes, Doctors, Lifeguards, Fire Service and Police Force and heard how their jobs make them superheroes by helping us.


Pupils told us about some of their real life superheroes at home, who look after them and keep them safe.


Finally Class 4 sang a song about Superheroes.  Could you be a superhero?