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Boundary Farm Visit

This afternoon 8 children from year 1 and 2 had a fantastic visit to Boundary Farm. We were so lucky with the gorgeous weather and all the children learned so much from listening to Farmer Richard and Farmer Rachael.  


We visited each of the animals as well as the fields of crops. Boundary farm is a dairy farm and has lots of cows. We saw the calves and learnt that they drink milk and eat nuts, cereal and hay. Fully grown cows eat 40kg of food everyday (which is the weight of at least 2 children!)


We picked the corn from the field and fed it to the chickens. They really loved it and all fought to get to the food! We also collected the eggs from the hen house. Bailey showed such a flair for this he was even offered a job!


Next we visited the milking parlour. We'll tell you all about how the farmers collect milk from the cows in our assesmbly after half term.  


As the farmers are so kind and generous they gave the children a huge carton of fresh eggs from the chickens, bread that is made from wheat, butter and mayonaise to bring back to school. Can you find out what farm animal products are used to make butter and mayonaise? Year 1 pupils are having a class cook tomorrow and are going to use these ingredients to make egg sandwiches!


As all of the children was so well behaved and showed great curiosity the farmers have agreed for us to visit again in the winter time.