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Boundary Farm Visit

This afternoon we had beautiful weather to visit Boundary Farm for our fourth trip this year.

Farmer Richard and Rachel took us on a farm walk explaining all the farm processes that are happening at this time of year.

We saw a silage heap which was being constructed. The grass from all 90 acres (90 football fields in size) had been cut yesterday. It was pulled by tractor in a trailer and placed in a huge heap, covered by 2 layers of plastic sheets to keep it warm. The grass then pickles ready for the cows to eat in the winter. 

We saw sweetcorn plants growing in the fields as well as a field of 200 sheep. The sheep didn't have a wool coat as they were sheared last week to keep them cool for the summer. Farmer Richard showed us the wheat growing in the field and we all got to take one plant home. 

We saw the chickens and felt how soft they were. We also looked at a plough which is some huge machinery used to turn soil over. 

We had a fantastic time once again and the children were very enthusiastic and really well behaved.